Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bishop's Graduation Day!

Bishop has been here at Hay River Equestrian for a while now.  He was terrified of people and anything to do with people when he arrived.  The poor thing spent a few months in my round pen.

Since arriving he has learned to be brushed and had his hooves picked and to accept fly spray.  He would come to understand that I would catch him and then he could come out of his round pen and graze on the halter and lead rope.  Bishop learned to depend on me for outings.  He has become fairly easy to catch  and now understands that if something goes wrong, he just has to allow his human to help him.

Pam and I decided he needed to graduate to being housed with another horse.  Maryea is a very gentle mare and we thought he would get along with her.  So Pam grazed Maryea and I grazed Bishop in fairly close proximity for a few times so they could get to know each other.  They seemed to get along really well.

Today I had the help of two folks.  Alex Kapsner holding Maryea and Molly Kapsner working the gate. (The gate is electric and not so user friendly.)  I walked Bishop into the paddock with Maryea and let him go.  Alex then released Maryea.  I was hoping for the best, I was not let down.  These two sniffed each other and then went about their business.  I wish all horse introductions would go this well.

Thanks Alex and Molly for your help making Bishop's introduction to Maryea go so well.