Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saddle Fit Issues May Look Like Training Issues

Training young horses is challanging for sure but the most challanging part about it is that as they build muscle and change shape they can have saddle fitting issues that creep into your everyday riding. A young horse has basic muscle but nothing added from riding which can significanlty change the shape of their backs.

Timid horses that are starting to have trouble with their saddles may want to run away from the aids or buck and brave alpha type horses may have trouble focusing and start acting pushy. The changes can appear gradually but once you notice the change, take a good look at saddle fit right away. The saddle you started with may no longer be appropriate.

Dressage saddles that are made to a specific horse in a custom fashion still need to be monitored. Even if your horse stays somewhat the same shape, as the saddle ages the stuffing can change and become hard and inflexible. So having your saddle restuffed and reshaped to your horse's b ack can be invaluable.

Our horses are generous and want to please us. Lets make it easy for them! Happy riding!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy NewYear! Riding resolutions!

Welcome to 2011. January 1st is a time for new years resolutions. This is the day I ask myself what I resolve to do and follow up on with riding goals.

What are your riding goals? Sometimes it is really hard if you just have long term goals and do not break the long term goals down into short term goals. One of the largest pitfalls is to set a goal that is too large and takes too long to obtain. If you do that the goal may seem too overwhelming and may not get done.

Keep your goals attainable and fun for both you and your horse. Remember to have a great time while you work towards your goals.

One of my goals this winter has been to help my dressage horses relax in their work. I have several obstacles in my arena I use on a regular basis. This is so not dressage like but sure does seem to make a difference in the horse having confidence when faced with something unexpected.

O.K. I am off to pencil in the clinic and show schedule for the year.

Happy New Year!